You wanted the best?

Well, they didn't freakin' make it. 

Instead, you get The 5th Circle

Join us as we travel the world in search of the history of rock n' roll. 

And maybe the odd sandwich. 

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Jimmy Jangles


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Commitment to Privacy

The 5th Circle, dedicated to exploring and celebrating the rich history of rock n' roll, values the privacy of its readers and community. Our website is committed to maintaining a secure and private online environment for all visitors. In alignment with this commitment, this privacy policy outlines the nature of the information we collect, how it is used, and the measures we take to ensure its protection.

Information Collection and Use

At The 5th Circle, we understand the importance of discretion and minimal data collection. Therefore, our website does not use cookies, nor does it collect any personal information from our readers. The only data gathered is through general analytics, which includes non-identifiable information such as page views, session duration, and general browsing patterns. This data is purely used to analyze site traffic and user engagement to enhance the experience on our platform. It is important to note that this data is aggregate and does not include any personal information that can be traced back to an individual user.

Our commitment to your privacy ensures that your journey through the annals of rock n' roll history on The 5th Circle is both enriching and secure. We take pride in offering a platform where the legacy of rock music can be explored freely, without compromising the privacy of our valued community.

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