The Tale of Glen Hansard's 'The Horse

Sunday, November 19, 2023
Glen Hansard's legendary guitar, affectionately known as "The Horse," is not just an instrument; it's a central character in the narrative of his music career. This guitar, with its well-worn appearance, has been the birthplace of numerous songs that resonate deeply with audiences. Let's integrate examples of songs that Hansard wrote with this guitar into our discussion of its significance.

Glen Hansard's guitar, a Takamine NP15, has been an integral part of his musical journey. It's characterized by its rugged appearance, bearing the marks of a lifetime of use. This guitar has been Hansard's companion through various stages of his career, instrumental in the creation of songs that have touched the hearts of many.

Each scratch and dent on "The Horse" symbolizes stories and emotions, many of which have been transformed into songs. For instance, the song "Falling Slowly," from the movie "Once," was composed on this guitar. 

This song, which won an Academy Award, is a poignant example of how Hansard's experiences and emotions have been channeled through "The Horse." Similarly, songs like "Leave" and "Lies" from the same film carry the essence of the guitar's character in their melodies and lyrics.

glen hansard takamine horse

The unique sound quality of "The Horse," shaped by its worn condition, has significantly influenced Hansard's music. 

Songs like "When Your Mind's Made Up" and "Say It to Me Now" showcase the dynamic range that Hansard achieves with his guitar, from soft, tender strums to powerful, emotive chords. These songs demonstrate how the guitar's character complements Hansard's storytelling and emotional expression in music.

"The Horse" has played a pivotal role in shaping the cultural impact of Hansard's work. The songs written on this guitar have become anthems of the indie music scene. For instance, "Falling Slowly" has become an iconic song, representing the spirit of independent music and the power of simple, heartfelt storytelling. This song, along with others like "Gold" and "The Hill," contribute to the legacy of "The Horse," making it an iconic symbol in the world of music.

the horse takamine guitar glen hansard history

Incorporating these songs into the discussion about "The Horse" enriches our understanding of the guitar's significance. It's not just a musical instrument; it's a vessel that has carried stories, emotions, and experiences into the world through song. 

Glen Hansard's attachment to and interaction with "The Horse" is a vivid example of the symbiotic relationship between a musician and their instrument. The songs written on this guitar stand as testament to its enduring legacy in the realm of music and storytelling, making it an object of fascination and inspiration for music lovers and artists globally.

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